Sebvest Group possesses an excellent understanding of local content and has an in depth understanding of global economies.


  • Acquisitions
  • Investment
  • Procurement
  • Consulting
  • JV’s


Sebvest Group is a South African investment and infrastructure group that focuses on building wealth for its shareholders.

We are a diversified investment company that encompasses investment banking solutions, strategic investments, infrastructure russian mailorder brides development, mineral resources, information communication technology, business strategy, manufacturing, engineering and growing. Sebvest Group prefers Management and Leverage Buyout transactions for investment purposes. Our Group prefers to recruit what we term the “A” players, which summarily means, our team must be Highly Qualified in the field they are deployed, Highly Skilled and Vast Experienced in the specified industry that we target, and have Established Relationships across all industries.



  • Sebvest Group prefers MBO/LBO transactions for investment purposes Recruitment of only “A” Players
    We are Highly Qualified
    We are Highly Skilled and Experienced
    We have Established Relationships in the market
  • Strategic Investments
    We consider strategic investments only when the projected and forecasted returns are very highly attractive
  • Leverage procurement opportunities to add value to our Group Of  Companies
    Sebvest Group leverages procurement opportunities to add value to our Group Of Companies.


Sebvest Holdings shall consider Strategic Equity Investments only when the returns are very highly attractive. Our Group’s strength is in Leveraging Procurement Opportunities to add value to our Group of companies and our strategic investments. Our creation of wealth and value for the Group include the following, through Acquisitions, Procurement/Tenders/RFP’s opportunities, Strategic Equity Investments and Joint Venture Partnerships with Large Local and international companies.

Sebvest Holdings has implemented Corporate Governance principles as documented by King’s report. Our company values include Integrity, Discipline, Dedication, Determination and Transparency.

Local and international ambitious companies today, want to partner with Sebvest Holdings because of its excellent understanding of local content and similarly our mastery of the economies of the world – globalisation.

GEORGE SEBULELA - Group Chairman & President

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