AEC is the Sebvest Groups CSI. The Council exists for entrepreneurial businesses and entrepreneurs.  Our focus is to effectively mentor businesses and entrepreneurs. This is achieved by forging partnerships with local and international companies. AEC will further continue to identify opportunities in local and global markets to attain sustainable business and economic growth. //AEC leadership//



venture capitalVenture Capital

AEC provides financial capital at the early-stages of high-potential growth startup companies. The venture capital fund earns money by owning equity in the companies AEC invests in, which have to meet stringent AEC criteria. These companies usually have a novel technology or business model in high technology industries, such as biotechnology, energy and IT.

Equity and quasi equityEquity

AEC assists in raising capital through equity transactions. Our equity financing essentially refers to the transfer of an ownership interest to raise funds for fundraising purposes. We can facilitate a few thousand rands raised by an entrepreneur from other interested AEC members, to IPOs running into the billions.



trade financeTrade Finance

AEC’s Trade finance signifies financing for trade, and it concerns both domestic and international trade transactions. AEC requires proposals to have a seller of goods and services as well as a buyer to be considered for AEC facilitation. AEC reserves the right to financing any trade proposals.



training and eventsAEC Events

AEC holds regular events to further assist members in Networking, Collaborating and Drive Industry Policy. Regular events open to corporate members include: Monthly Provincial Forums, Quarterly Entrepreneurial Forums, AEC Annual Corporate Dinner, The AEC Entrepreneur & Business Awards & Conference



Visit the Africa Entrepreneurs Website here :

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