Sebvest Foods seeks to meet local and international poultry, seafood, grains, meats and agricultural products demand.

Sebvest_Foods_Logo_OriginalSebvest_Foods_Logo_OriginalSebvest Foods is a 100% Black Owned, managed and controlled international producer and marketer of high-quality, brand-name food and poultry products for consumers throughout South Africa and the world.

As a company founded from the poultry industry, we offer a wide variety of products including full chickens, mixed portions, braai packs, thighs, wings, livers, necks and gizzards. Furthermore we have beef and other meats, fish, grains, coffee and snacks that we produce and market. Our list of products grow as we expand organically or by way of strategic equity investments.

We embraced and built as our foundation, a set of internal principles that we call the Sebvest Foods Way. By this, we produce the highest quality products and keep integrity at the core of our operations. Our products are sold to retail, food service, private and public institutions as well as wholesale operations under many well-established trademarks.

As an empowered company, we in turn have chosen to empower others.  Sebvest foods works with the Developing Poultry Farmers in communities and countries in which we do business by, supplying  the birds, feed and technical advice. The poultry farmers in turn care for the chickens by providing the farm, housing and labour. Farmers from all over the world have also been recruited and partnered with to provide the best feed for our poultry farmers. We also provide these farmers with seeds, fertiliser and technical advice to ensure the best quality grain feed reaches our mills nationwide. This has assured a steady stream of inputs at all times, while providing families and whole communities with sustainable income from poultry farming.  

The company’s brands include Inkuku Chicken (Assorted Chicken Products), Super Chicken (Assorted Chicken Products), Super Snacks ( Assorted Corn Snacks).

To become the leading African producer and marketer of high quality and nutritional food products worldwide.

To provide high quality and affordable food products for the international market by way of vertical and horizontal integration to effectively manage and secure supply chains. We have a mandate to empower our employees and communities in which we operate and retail while giving high returns to our shareholders.

We deliver what we promise
We are committed to excellence
We are committed to growth
We are accountable to our stakeholders

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