Stryker Security is an Integrated Security Solutions company operating in South Africa since 2009. Stryker Security has quickly risen to be known as a professional, skilled and able security company which always delivers on mandates, projects and deliverables.

Stryker_security_logo_redSTRYKER SECURITY was founded in 2009 by Arnie Williams who has been in the Security Industry since 1989.  Stryker Security are experts in Event Security and Crowd Management, Security Systems, Access Control,  Alarms and CCTV Systems Installations, Tracing Services, ITC Reports, Armed  VIP Escorts and Forensic Investigations.

Stryker Security offers integrated facilities services for entire sites or estates for commercial customers and public organisations including government.  Clients can expect  all aspects of specialised security and protection services combined with every detail of our service planned for your specific requirements. Sebvest Group  acquired the majority equity in the company making it a black owned and controlled business.


Risk services and consultancy | Security systems | High Level Event Security | Forensic Investigations | Monitoring and response | Secure facilities services | Security personnel


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