Commercial Characteristics: Sebvest Group’s acquisition and investment strategy revolves around the basic principles of Management and Leverage Buyout commercial characteristics.


Similarly, when a strategic equity investment has been identified, we will use the Management and Leverage Buyout commercial characteristics as part of evaluation process. The following commercial characteristics shall be considered:

  • Mostly Established Businesses with successful track record are prime investment opportunities
  • Management’s experience and commitment make investment more attractive
  • Quality Customers enhance the likelihood of investment
  • Strong positioning in the market of the potential investment entity
  • Strong Cashflows from attractive margins — growth and mature products.

Sebvest Holdings shall furthermore ensure sustainable financial viability of target companies or projects referred, with such things as Stable Cashflows, Realistic Price, Serviceable Debt burden and identifiable or salable assets.




Investments – Paying The Bills

paying_the_billspaying_the_billsSebvest Group more often in all its transactions will consider flexible payment methods to ensure that all services are accounted for in our investments. These payment options will obviously differ on a transaction by transaction basis. However, it is also possible that one transaction could have a combination of all options or lesser. The following payment options are considered in a transaction:

  • Management Fees
  • Advisory Fees
  • Capital Raising Fees
  • Dividends
  • Facilitation Fee
  • Sales Commission 

This ensure revenue sustainability and value add by Sebvest Holdings.





Value Addition on Investments and Acquisitions

The BEE landscape is being dominated by a few players as a result of their perceived strong financial backing and political networks. SEBVEST Group do not just have political networks, but we also possess the operational expertise which will assist in extracting value in all our investments.


Investment Key Chacteristics & Value Add

Our team does not only provide opportunity for established players, but also provides opportunity to execute high profile BEE deals. This Group will be involved in the aggressive marketing for effective brand positioning. Furthermore, Sebvest Group’s team has more that 500 HDI expertise or professionals (Key Decision Makers) that will contribute towards management of our investments. Worth noting is that we have established relationships with more that 100 Broad Based BEE groups to partner with on a case by case basis.





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