Sebvest Broad–Based Trust was setup by Sebvest Group to advance other Previously Disadvantaged Individuals as beneficiaries of the Strategic Investments that Sebvest Holdings targets.



Sebvest_broad_based_trust_logoThe benefactor designed and intends for Sebvest Broad-Based Trust to accomplish a variety of goals in line with the locale which they are targeted and the economic advancement of the area which these programmes are designed to effect. The demographics of the area play an important role in how the programmes will be structured. Studies conducted prior to setting up these programmes, the trust, indicated that women and the youth are still at a great economic disadvantage. Despite great progress being made since independence to provide equal opportunity in South Africa and across the continent women still are greatly disadvantaged, only 20 % of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed companies have an equitable gender representation on their boards. It is inline with these findings that the Trust has listed women as one its main beneficiaries.

BENEFICIARIES OF SEBVEST BROAD-BASED TRUST Women: 50%  |  Sebvest Foundation: 10%  |  Strategic Partners: 20%  |  Professionals: 20%

The Sebvest Broad-Based Trust aims is to increase Private participation in the economic development of the areas which beneficiaries are identified. The schemes of the Sebvest Broad-Based Trust, below, do not only focus on local growth but also encourage and support undertakings to become national companies, importing and exporting services and products toother regional countries.


Whilst Sebvest Broad-Based Trust is targeting to support women, women organisations and companies owned and operated by women it also assists professionals and experts in specialised fields that want to use their skills in setting start-ups. The Sebvest Broad-Based Trust also assists corporations that want to use Enterprise Development as a social responsibility scheme to identify beneficiaries and managing the resultant relationship with them.

The Sebvest Broad-Based Trust offers tailor made solutions to different categories of beneficiaries , to small first time borrowers issuing small loans, offering advisory and technical assistance in setting up financial and other controls and organisational Structuring. Inter alia, to established micro and medium enterprises, it offers financial strategy and restructuring advisory, corporate governance training, trade platforms and facilitations and project funding.

The overall aims of the Sebvest Broad-Based Trust are to see job creation, particularly in the youth sector, first time job seekers. The development and offering of smart solutions for local businesses by entrepreneurs that understand their needs by virtue of their proximity to them. The improvement of services to clients both corporate and individual by increasing competition in the various markets were monopolistic characteristics are prevalent and affecting quality in the delivery of services.

The alleviation of poverty through growing of income base for local and other public authorities throwgrowing the taxable base. Increase exports and foreign currency as a result of exporting smart solutions that are developed with individuals working for themselves without the constraints arising from working for big companies.hop over to this websiteUK Binary options brokersвзять кредитную карту в евросетикупить киа сид в кредиткредитная карта кукуруза евросеть инструкция100000 рублей в кредиткредит с 19 лет москвакредит в сургутесайт