Sebvest Commodities & Chemicals is a global Trading House manufacturing and trading in a wide spectrum of of Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal products.

sebvest_commodities_and_chemicals_logoThe company is led by Mr George Sebulela, an experienced Investment Banker, who was a director and an EXCO-member of ABSA Capital, affiliate member of Barclays Capital, one of the largest Investment Bank in Southern Africa. Mr George Sebulela and his team are pioneers in international trade and have extensive knowledge about international trade dealings and activities. Sebvest Commodities & Chemicals is based in South Africa, one of  the members of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) – a group of developing or newly industrialised countries, and has been identified as the largest targeted emerging markets and biggest trading hubs in Africa and for the world.

Sebvest Commodities & Chemicals trades in a variety of primary and secondary, both ferrous and non-ferrous metal products.

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Fast Expanding Our Markets

Sebvest Commodities & Chemicals has established varied sources of procurement spread across the African, European, American and the South East Asian Region. The company’s clients are in the following countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Russia, India, Peru, China, etc.

These clients trust Sebvest Commodities & Chemicals for a regular supply of quality products, at the most competitive prices. We have further strengthen our funding and finance capacity for large quantities in partnership with various reputable banks such as ABSA & Barclays, Standard Bank, Nedbank, First National Bank.

Sebvest Commodities & Chemicals also enjoys excellent banking facilities with the international banks such as China Development Bank, one of the world’s prime banks. We are open to new markets for procurement and supply of products and would solicit any inquiries and offers, which would receive immediate and prompt attention.

We deal In

Tin // Stainless Steel // Heavy Melting Scrap // Shredded Scrap // Copper // Zinc and Zinc Alloys // Aluminum and Lead // Slag // Copper // Iron Ore // Ferro-Chrome // Coking Coal // Fertilizers // Manganese // Magnatite // Asphalt // Bitumen // Mercury // Coltan // Chromite // Titanium // Cement // Magnesium // Brass & Minor metals like Antimony // Silicon // Bismuth // Cobalt // Magnesium Chromium // Selenium // Cadmium etc.