Welcome to Sebvest Group South Africa. We are an established, experienced and prominent diversified investment, mining and infrastructure group that focuses on building wealth for our shareholders.  

Our Strategic Financial Partners



Sebvest Group was born out of the philosophy of ex-e-cu-tion. It is how we think, how we approach every deal, how we structure relationships. Ex-e-cu-tion is what we have become. We owe our success of our ability to getting things done.

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How We Work

Sebvest Group’s diversified investments encompasses investment banking solutions, strategic investments, infrastructure development, mineral resources, information communication technology, etc. Sebvest Group prefers Management and Leverage Buyout transactions for investment purposes. As a policy, Sebvest Group prefers to recruit what we term the “A” players, which summarily means, our team must be Highly Qualified in the field they are deployed, Highly Skilled and Vast Experienced in the specified industry that we target, and have Established Relationships across all industries.

Our Focus

Sebvest Group shall consider Strategic Equity Investments only when the returns are very highly attractive. Furthermore, Sebvest Group’s strength is in Leveraging Procurement Opportunities to add value to our Group of companies and our strategic investments. Our creation of wealth and value for the Group include the following, through Acquisitions, Procurement/Tenders/RFP’s opportunities, Strategic Equity Investments and Joint Venture Partnerships with Large Local and international companies. Sebvest Group has implemented Corporate Governance principles as documented by King’s report. Sebvest Group’s values include Integrity, Discipline, Dedication, Determination and Transparency.

Latest Posts

ex-e-cu-tion (ek si kyoo shun)

This is the foundation of our business philosophy. The essential ingredient of our beloved Sebvest Way. This is our cornerstone, ex-e-cu-tion.

1. The missing link. 2. The main reason companies fall short of their promises. 3. The gap between what a company's leaders want to achieve and the ability of their organisations to deliver it. 4. Not simply tactics, but a system of getting things done through questioning, analysis and follow-through. A discipline for meshing strategy with reality, aligning people with goals, and achieving the results promised. 5. A central part of a company's strategy and its goals and the major job of any leader in business. 6. A discipline requiring a comprehensive understanding of a business, its people, and its environment. 7. The way to link the three core processes of any business- the people process, the strategy and the operating plan - together to get things done on time. 8. A method for success discovered and revealed in 2002 by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan in Execution: The discipline of getting things done.


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